Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sweet Shopping Spree!

Nothing like a good shopping spree, right? Well, I found these adorable things for our baby girl! Let's start with this girly girl lamp! It will look so cute in her playroom! You can't go wrong with polka dots and a ruffled flower!
How about this elephant chair! Last one at the store-couldn't resist!
Found this sign at T.J. Maxx. It has the colors of her nursery! Perhaps we can put it on the outside of her door?
I have been looking for an elephant stamp! Hobby Lobby came to my rescue! I plan to use this on all sorts of projects! I can add ribbons and bows, too! Oh, the possibilities are endless with this lil stamp!
Our local craft store had a giant sale this week! 60% off lots of scrapbooking items! I look forward to this sale to stock up on much needed items, especially paper! Here are some of the items I found for our baby girl's scrapbook!
Hobby Lobby had the actual pink scrapbook I had been searching for! This will be our baby girl's first scrapbook! I have already started decorating the front cover of the album. I will finish it in time! Cherished memories for years to come! Cannot wait for the day to add the missing parts: photos!
That's all for now! We have our final Home Study appointment this week! Wish us luck! ~Tava

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