Sunday, January 17, 2016

Our Journey To Eowynn!

With our three suitcases packed, we departed for China on December 30th, flew to Dallas, then boarded our flight for China! We flew up over Denver, then over Alaska, and finally over the Pacific Ocean. We arrived in Beijing on New Year's Eve.
The views of the mountains from the airplane were amazing as we started our descent into China. It was the middle of the afternoon when we touched down in Beijing. There we met our guide and a couple of other families in our group. We went straight to our hotel to check-in. The purpose of us flying into Beijing was to be immersed in the Chinese culture. Our agency provided guides to take us on sightseeing tours around the Capital of the People's Republic of China. More to come...stay tuned, as we are still adjusting back to our time zone and getting little Eowynn on a schedule. I will update when I can, as right now our focus is helping her to adjust at home with us. Posting next: The Great Wall of China...
Then, all the details about this sweet little girl and the moment we first saw her and held her for the first and forever time! Such a sweetie she is! Feeling so very blessed!