Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Zhengzhou, China-Meeting EMR!

Our journey to Eowynn-second stop: Zhengzhou, China.
This is the place where we would meet our forever daughter. Prior to us going to China, we sent a care package to Eowynn. The orphanage was kind enough to give us back our family photo album, which the Nannies showed to Eowynn to prepare her for her "Gotcha Day." Monday, January 4th was her "Gotcha Day," the day we actually met her. The following day, Tuesday, January 5th, was her actual adoption day. We are calling this day, our "Forever Family Day." From here on out, we will celebrate these two days with her. Someday we will share this video with her, when the time comes. Check out our video on the right column of the blog.