Sunday, March 22, 2015

Second Home Study Appointment Completed!

Yesterday, we had our second home study visit. Our Case Worker came to our house for the first time. She spoke with Dane and I in separate interviews. We had to have some documents ready for her including who the guardians will be for our little girl, additional information about our parents, and a letter from our Vet indicating our dog, Bono, had all shots up-to-date and was of good temperament. Of course the little boy passed with flying colors. When taking our Case Worker a tour of our house, Little Bono went and sat in front of his bed and just smiled at her like "This is where I sleep." Then Bono rolled over for a belly rub, of course. He will be a great BIG Brother!
Now, Dane and I have to get started on our Parenting Online Courses. We have to complete ten hours and then our agency will send us our certificate of completion. Also, our next big document to complete is the I800-A (Sounds like an interstate, right?). We have to complete this document all at once on the computer, as it does not save. Moreover, with this document other forms of identification are required. We have our third and final Home Study appointment (for now) in two weeks. So excited that Spring is finally here! Ready to enjoy some sunny weather!~Tava

Monday, March 16, 2015

Passports in Progress!

This past Friday, on my day off, I went and took care of getting my passport issued. Luckily, I still had my old passport from when I traveled/ studied abroad in Scotland and England. Dane went today and took care of his passport paperwork and information. We should have them back in 4-6 weeks! Our future daughter: Our agency will "match" us with a little girl while taking our medical conditions checklist into consideration. Yes, we opted to adopt a little girl with some type of special needs (could be a birthmark or something more severe). Once we are matched, we will have one week to review our potential daughter's file with doctors, other experts, etc. If we accept the file then the "match" is put into place. If not, due to conflicts with insurance or her needs are greater than we can meet for her, then we can decline a file. Our agency does not look down on that, as they want the "match to be right for the child and for us. Moreover, we do not get moved down on the waiting list. Our agency will just send us another profile of a child to consider. There is a website that has shared profiles of over 2200 orphans just waiting to be adopted. It is possible that we could find our little girl here before being matched by our agency. Only time will tell, as it is all in God's hands and in HIS plan that HE has for us.

Monday, March 9, 2015

First Home Study Appointment Completed!

We drove an hour and a half south today for our first Home Study appointment. Our Case Worker went over all of our Home Study paperwork and gave an excellent overview of the process timeline. I took six pages of notes and felt comforted by all of the information given to us. Overall, our appointment lasted two and a half hours. Next steps for us include: Getting passports, online parent training (through our adopting agency), and preparing for our second Home Study visit which will be in two weeks. Moving right along! ~Tava