Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lamp Revamp!

These little lamps were headed for a yard sale! Then, I thought about the possibilities with a hot glue gun, scrapbook paper, and embellishments. Moreover, perhaps these could be used in our baby girl's nursery! Hence, the Lamp Revamp!
I had to measure one of the sides of a lamp using a scrap piece of paper. I cut the scrap piece of paper to use as a stencil for the actual scrapbook paper that was to be adhered to the lamp. I chose scrapbook paper that matched the colors of our baby girl's nursery. I used hot glue to put the scrapbook paper on each side of the lamp. Then, I used a ruffled ribbon to seal the seams. I also used a scrapbook piece of paper to place around the stem of the lamp. Ruffled ribbon and a couple of pearls completed the stems. I made the paper flowers for the front sides of the lamp shades by layering pieces of scrapbook paper. Here are the finished products!
The first lamp...
The second lamp...
I can't wait to see them lit in the nursery!

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